About us

We at Ramkat Truck Bodies & Trailers distinguish ourselves from our competitors by the way in which we passionately serve very specific needs of our customers. This is a far cry from the mass production approach of most modern day trailer manufacturers, whose efforts mostly result in a “one size fits all” product.

Ramkat Truck Bodies & Trailers abilities and knowledge covers the whole spectrum of trailers building, from the different types of trailers, their specific applications and structural designs through to the latest technology available in the business of trailer building.

We have our Head Office and manufacturing plant and service centre in Joostenberg Vlakte, Cape Town that offers secure parking, our manufacturing plant and service centre in Willow Brae Pretoria, as well as independent service centres in all major towns across South Africa. We have our import and export code that ensure that we can assist you with our custom build trailers across the south african borders.

Our passion is to ensure that our customers experience a personal service, not only in having custom built trailers built to their very specific need for tough conditions but also in a world class after sales service.

All our trailers come with the option of a three year maintenance contract.

Ramkat Truck Bodies & Trailers

Johann Ramsauer the owner of Ramkat Truck Bodies & Trailers saw the need for a manufacturer that builds trailers as per clients specific needs in the market as early as 2006.

Johann has almost 30 years experience in the transport industry and there for has vast experience and extensive knowlegde of commercial transport and transport fleets. Johann started building his first trailers in his garage and builded the Ramkat Name to a well known and recognised force within the trailer building industry.

With a long history borne in the transport industry, Ramkat has built up experience and capability to take on from the most basic new builds to highly specialized livestock and mining application trailers. Ramkat Truck Bodies & Trailers are proud builders and manufactures of quality heavy and light duty trailers and truck bodies. Ramkat Truck Bodies & Trailers can also assist with serving your existing trailer and repairing your accident damage trailers.

We are a proudly B-BBEE LEVEL 1 CONTRIBUTOR: 135% Procurement Recognition company which are proudly South African. The small, but highly effective and competent team is without a doubt Ramkat’s biggest asset. The team’s can-do attitude and camaraderie gives Ramkat that X-Factor and culture, which excites us about the future and ensures that our clients’ requirements and investment is in good hands.

Having adopted a culture by which we will never stop learning, exploring and innovating, we stand by our product and will ensure that our product lives up to our clients’ quality expectation, as well as remain a sound and reliable investment over the “long haul”.

Respect is our core value, because it guides us to always conduct our business in an ethical manner, believe in each other and in so doing build a strong team spirit, as well tirelessly pursue solutions which enable our clients to fulfill their needs.