Maintenance Plan
One year Maintenance Plan included with all new trailers. This can be extended up to 3 years, 4 years or 5 years
With A Ramkat maintenance Plan, a buyback guarantee is also available.
All trailers with maintenance Plan – the RWC / wheel alignment is included

Trailer Maintenance
Part of Ramkat Maintenance Plan.
Clients with Maintenance Plan will only be held liable for cost of tyres, Tarpaullins and accident damaged trailers.

Trailer Re-Builds
Complete re-builds of Trailers.
Repairs on Accident Damaged Trailers.

Trailers Chassis Repair
Repairs on Accident Damaged Trailers.
Straightening / Repair of Trailer Chassis.

Trailer Repairs
Repairs on Accident Damaged Trailers.
All sorts of trailer repairs.

Trailer Rentals
We supply you with a trailer while yours is in production – (if available).
Short term Rentals / Long Term rentals / Rent-To-Own.

Trailer Financing
Agrifinance Hub –
Smart Finance –

Trailer Roadworthy’s
This is a service we provide where we get your trailer on the standard to go through the roadworthy test , and then take it to the test on your behalf.
Trailers with Maintenance Plan will have no additional cost to obtain RWC or wheel allignment.

Trailer Breakdown / Assist
All trailer related Breakdowns – 24/7 – Countrywide.